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Comfort vs Speed

StandingStanding Posts: 2
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I'm looking to get a new bike and I would love to get something that gives me both comfort and speed improvements over my current Felt Z4. Comfort is more important as the roads are not great in England and I'm fed up with swearing as I roll over broken roads. Extra speed would be a pleasurable bonus as well.

So I've been looking at a few bikes, but would like to hear of people's experiences of riding any of these.

I will be testing them, but this time of year is not great for getting out on them, but then there are potentially 2017 models still on sale which I may try to seek out. Budget is up to £3k and I'd rather get it from LBS rather than risking going direct to the likes of Canyon etc.
- Trek Domane SL6 (disk or not)
- Cannondale Synapse
- Giant Defy Advance Pro 1
- Trek Emonda SL6 Pro

Many thanks


  • The one standout thing that will provide comfort is a proper bike fit.
    Get your tyre pressure sorted.
    25-27mm tyres. Anything more and you’re on a space hopper.
    You produce the speed, not the bike.
  • grenwgrenw Posts: 799
    I'm pretty sure (no science mind you) that the 28mm tyres on my bike help me to go faster by smoothing out the roads a little. Comfort to me means less energy expended.

    PS. Mine was a risky Canyon purchase but it was my 4th from them. The Endurace CF SLX is a lovely thing.
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