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Disk Brake Pads Continually Glazing Over

CharlieV453CharlieV453 Posts: 100
edited October 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi there,
About a week ago I purchased some new brake pads for my rear brakes. The brakes are mid end Shimano and worked great before. However when I put the new pads is they almost instantly glazed over from the brake only being pulled once. I had cleaned it with washing up liquid and warm water as well as methylated spirits but I get the problem both ways. I cleaned the rotor in the same way but when I used the methylated spirits it started to squeal. To counter this I put some disk brake cleaner on and the power lessened but the squealing went away. The brakes do need bleeding which is part of the culprit to the loss of power but the pads continually glazing baffles me.

Am I using the wrong technique to clean my brakes or is it something else?
I am also hesitant to buy a new set of pads as I'm on a tight budget and I don't want them to glaze over instantly.
Any help is much appreciated


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