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Planet X London Road - Replacement Fork

jp1970jp1970 Posts: 134
edited October 2017 in Road buying advice
I need to source a set of replacement forks for my LR... as I've had to 'rip out' the bold thread that's used to fix the mudguard stay ( Long Story... the thread was wearing away and not grasping the bolt.. even tried thread locker to keep the bolt secure and tight.. finally got sick of it rattling itself loose and decided to try a M5 bolt that subsequently got stuck in !!). 

The fork now has a 6-7mm hole where I've had to remove the M5 bolt.... two questions:-

1) I'm presuming the fork is unsafe to ride due to the slightly larger hole in the fork compromising the rigidity and integrity of the fork.
2) Will any disc mount fork fit the LR or do i need to source direct from Planet X.. 

I have also posted this on the London Road thread in Your Bikes section
Thanks in advance.

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