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1x9 conversion help please

BlueDynamoBlueDynamo Posts: 143
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I've recently upgraded my old Carrera Fury Mountain Bike to 1x9 to use as a commuter.

I've retained the use of the original 2008 SRAM X-7 9-speed Rear Mech which doesn't have a clutch and bought a narrow-wide single 34t chainring at the front.

1) When in the largest cog at the back does it look as though the chain could be made slightly shorter looking at the angle of the rear mech pulleys? I used the method described in the Park Tool video on sizing chains @ 4:03. I've added 4 rivets to the reference rivets as per 6:44 on the video but I'm not sure if I've followed the instructions correctly as this may only apply to hardtails with 1x systems, 11/12 cassettes and SRAM derailleurs? I only satisfy 3 of those criteria?




2) Do I need a seat tube mounted chain keeper? The chain seems to have a habit of falling off when I'm fettling on the workstand and I get the feeling this will only be worse when riding. If so, what chain keeper would you recommend?

Is there anything else I need to consider?
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