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advice to choose a hardtail xc

aksot1aksot1 Posts: 15
edited November 2017 in MTB buying advice
hi, i am going to buy a decent hardtail for normal use - weekend rides ( no racing) and after some research i have ended up to these four interesting bikes.
They have similar frames and components but i don't have the proper experience-knowledge to evaluate. ... -9130.html ... pro/128989 ... llow-2018/

thank you


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    I would not buy any of them, it would help if you said how much you are willing to spend.
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  • These bikes are all cross country focused which will be fine great for general mile munching and trail centre riding which is not too technical however you might struggle at technical downhill sections as its not these bikes focus. If this is your intention than these bikes are all alright.

    Out of the bikes you listed, I like the look of the Giant it offers the slackest head angle with widest bars which will help when it gets technical it will feel less twitchy and more confident on tricky sections..however its not the best specced out of the bikes listed. Otherwise the Cube looks to be better specced and a great starter bike but would perhaps be a little more limited when things get technical.

    If you tell us where you are riding and your price range we might be able to suggest better options?
  • aksot1aksot1 Posts: 15
    my budget is 800-1000€ max
    as you said, i need it more for cross country and trail centre riding

    can any of these bikes are good enough for activities like these ?

    any other suggestions ?

  • Yes the video shows cross country riding so any of these bikes will work. Which country are you from and are you buying from a specific retailer?

    All bikes you have listed are quite similar, the Giant stands out a little with slightly more balanced geometry. Also consider Marin Nail Trail which is 120mm fork travel and a more modern geometry and spec:
  • aksot1aksot1 Posts: 15
    i am from Greece, no specific retailer

    do you suggest 27.5 or 29 ? i am 5 10 tall, i think i could handle a 29
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Wheel size makes no difference to what bike you can ride.
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  • cooldad wrote:
    Wheel size makes no difference to what bike you can ride.

    Yep agree however I personally prefer my hardtail in 29er and yes you will be fine with a 29er. Just make sure you pick the right frame size for you. If you can go to a shop and try a few bikes or at least sit on then before buying to give you an idea of sizing and what feels best for you. It will give you a chance to feel their weight also. Like I said some are better specced than others however I think it's the bike geometry and fit which makes the most difference. Especially since the bikes above are so similar.
  • aksot1aksot1 Posts: 15
    i found these two bikes(2017) that have some discount with better characteristics and same price ... llow-2017/ (orange)
    which of these two do you think is better ?
    i don't like that cube has 680mm handlebar
    At Giant is clear to go with size M, but at Cube i think 19'' seems better than 17'' (geometry metrics)

  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,795
    For me the Fathom just shades the acid in most areas.
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  • Giant Fathom seems a little nicer.
  • aksot1aksot1 Posts: 15
    thank you all for your help
    I bought the Giant Fanthom 29er 1 LTD 2017 and I am very excited.
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