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Teach me, carbon wheel braking sounds

burnthesheepburnthesheep Posts: 675
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Picked up a used front wheel. Runs pretty true, no dings, etc...

Rode fine. That braking sound though seems far different from alloy. I read about the toe-in on it and everything on the pads. I'm using the Shimano carbon wheel pads. It's not a "squeel" but it just sounds totally odd compared to an alloy.

Just making sure I've not got something setup wrong. The sound is kind of a "whir" made deep from the sound of the hollow/deep wheel.

The weave is a basic 3k if that matters.

It may be a dumb question but just would rather be safe!


  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 3,365
    If it doesn't sound like a twist of lemming, something is wrong.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,194
    depends on braking force, mine can hiss, whine, squeal, or screech, the later may indicate the tracks/pads got contaminated

    if it's your first time with cf brake tracks...
    - on long descents, don't drag the brakes, excessive heat build-up will cause damage
    - in the wet, be conservative, wet rims/pads take much longer to grip, 'skimming' the pads a bit before you need to brake can clear most of the water

    pad recommendation varies with the rims, is the wheel a shimano one?
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  • No. They are the American company with the stolen Ferrari logo font and sell open mold carbon frames and wheels. To give a clue.

    But it's a 3k weave full carbon. It sounds like a deeper sound version of that "squeeze of lemming" posted above.

    I generally don't drag brakes anyway. I often will situp and suck wind if I need to slow a tiny bit but not stop.

    The pads are brand new and the wheel perfectly clean on the brake track. The wheel is used. It looks like it was an Ironman or a TT wheel because it looks like nobody ever used the brakes. Ever. I did get it from a triathlete selling it.

    I've just never owned a carbon wheel so don't know what normal is. But if that's normal, we're good.
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 3,365
    If it doesn't sound like a twist of lemming, something is wrong.
    I should qualify this. In the dry you should get a sound like the eraser on glossy paper, until they bite, when you get lemming massacre. In the wet the sound is much more like a bar of soap rubbing against a bathtub when you tread on it.

    Hope that helps.
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