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Will my frame take 28mm tyres

1964johnr1964johnr Posts: 258
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I have always used 23mm tyres on my Ribble Gran Fondo. This is probably a very simple question, but here goes anyway. How do I tell if my frame is compatable with the wider tyres ? is it as simple as looking at the brake width and forks to work it out?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,509
    You need at least around 3mm clearance around the new tyres, and the new tyres will be around 3mm larger on each side (rounding up). So, take a 6mm hex key, and make sure that you can fit it around the tyre in all places.
  • Best to use a tape measure, and make sure your brake callipers have enough clearance
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  • AndymaxyAndymaxy Posts: 197
    It's not just the frame that u have to check u have to make sure brakes work with them too.

    Also, be aware of the fact that a lot of 28mm tires pump up to be wider than that, often 30mm

    If u so switch to 28mm then every time taking the wheel out will be a struggle, even if u loose the QR on the brakes
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    A friend of mine had a 2016 gran fondo , he fitted 25 mm gp4000 contis, the front tyre was rubbing on top of the fork, although the back tyre did not rub there was very little clearance, I know the 25 mm contis measure 27 / 28 mm when inflated, so unless it’s a newer frame and Ribble have changed the design I would say no, not enough room
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