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52/36 crank to 50/34

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Hi all,
I just bought a new Canyon Endurace SL Disc with Ultegra 52/36 chainring with 11/32 cassette. This is my first road bike in my life and also my first double chainring bike. Before that, I have several MTBs and a hybrid with triple chainring. I like climbing a lot and get used to triples, so I start to think 50/34 would be better than semi-compact. What modification do I need? Just buy a set of 50 and 34 rings, or do I need to replace the whole crank with crank arm too? Besides, I think I have to lower the front derailleur, change to chain but don't need to do anything with the rear one?



  • ba68ba68 Posts: 156
    You could buy the 50 and 34 chainrings separately but they are often not far off the price of a whole crankset so you may be better off getting a complete 50/34 and selling the other one. Rear mech will be fine but you will probably have to take a link or two out of the chain. That said, if you haven't been riding on the road too long maybe you need to persevere a little longer with 52/36 unless it is very hilly where you live, a 52/36 with an 11/32 cassette gives a pretty wide spread of gears.
  • 36x32 is the same as 34x30 - unless you are riding up long very steep climbs, are you sure you need an extra gear?
    and then the next thing you know
  • Hi ba68 and KingstonGraham
    Thanks all for your tech advice. I spent 3 months in Alps region this year with my triple chainrings hybrid and whenever I am climbing, I ALWAYS need the lowest gear which is about front 26/rear 34, no matters it was Mont Ventoux or Stelvio. Maybe because I was in full gears with tents and clothes, and maybe I am a weak rider. Sometimes I leave all my luggage in hotel or campsite and rode my bare bike up to the mountains, even 60 yrs old men could pass me with their higher gear road bikes. So when I finished my trip and back home, I bought my first RB and try to be a better climber. The bike should deliver to me tomorrow and from simple maths, new bike with 36/34 makes huge difference with my 26/34 old bike . This makes me plan to replace the crank to a easier one, especially I usually climb 10% slope in my home town and would also like to take my bike to the future Pyrenees or Japan trip (this time no camping gears).
  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,571
    buy b/b compatible crank set in the ales - will work out cheaper than new chainrings.

    fit new chain set

    sell old chainset to pay for new

    lower front mech and adjust

    shorten chain

    ride bike

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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
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