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Andorra and Basque area

GirthGirth Posts: 148
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Hi All,
Does anyone have any experience of Andorra and the Basque area for MTB holiday?

We are a group of lads, and this summer we went to Les Gets and had 3 days around there and did Morzine, Chatel etc.
We are looking for a new adventure and Andorra and the Basque area has popped up.

I have watched a few vids and it looks decent, but you can never really tell from a vid.
I am guessing its all natural and we aren't going to find big tables, road gaps and pallet drops, but really we have no idea.
We are all either on DH or Enduro bikes, so we are just looking for a good holiday with a bit of everything.

I think for that area, we would also need to be guided?

Any help, information or advice would be much appreciated!


  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,173
    A company called singletrack safari do holidays in Andorra,I was going to do a gravity week with them about 5 years ago,but the other guys i was going to go with fannied about that much it got booked up and it did not happen
  • Hello Girth,

    I'm Beñat from Basque by Bike.

    We are a mountain bike guiding company located in the Basque Country. We offer enduro MTB holidays and tours in the Basque coast near San Sebastian.

    Most of the towns and cities in this area are located in the coast line. The atmosphere in the towns is really nice and the food is awesome. Our base camp is located in Hondarribia a beautiful fishing village in between San Sebastian and Biarritz, the main cities in this area.

    Moving a bit inland from the coast there are a many mountains and trails. Most of the trails are natural, some are purposely built for mountain biking and some other are hiking trails. Some hiking trails are marked but none of the mountain biking trails are marked because all of them have been built by the local riders.The mountains are not as high as in the Pyrenees (highest are around 1.000-1.500 meters), just above the tree growing level.

    I think this area is much better for enduro than for downhill, there are no lifts or bikeparks.

    The best of this area is the huge variety of trails and landscapes you can ride within few days. Most of the trails can be ridden year around but in my opinion April onward is better because of the weather.

    This is our website:

    You can find more information there.

    Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the area.

  • matudaveymatudavey Posts: 107
    Take a look at in the Spanish Pyrenees, fairly near Andorra.
    The local trails are natural but with some fairly gnarly sections, no uplifts though.

    There are a few local ski resorts with some more downhill style trails, I've only done one there but it had me walking at points. Not sure if there's ski lifts, but Chris from Red Rock Trails did uplifts for us in a car after guiding us down the first lap.
  • Are there any holidays coming up??
  • Andorra is amazing if you want gravity fed riding!

    Would love to go back.
    For professional MTB & BMX coaching, training & guiding!
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