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Hey all, its been a while since I've been posting on here. Last time I moved house my commute shifted to the east side of London and the numbers of cyclists I saw dropped massively. I've just moved jobs and I'm now commuting into Victoria, today was the first ride on the new commute. It takes in Elephant and Castle (west on New Kent Road onto CS6 and the A302) and then Parliament Square (Westminster Bridge to Birdcage Walk).

In both cases, TFL have obviously done some kind of work to improve cycling safety but it completely threw me! I was expecting the usual cut and thrust and therefore missed cycle paths, lights and other improvements. At E&C I couldn't see how to get across to CS6 and ended up doing a u-turn. Any advice? Do I simply ride across the pedestrianised bit and then use the crossing to get onto CS6?

Parliament Square threw me too. I came down the bridge and then cycled around the square to Great George St, but then spotted a segregated cycle path on the right that avoided the snarled up traffic. Is there an easy way to cut across the square onto this and then onto Birdcage Walk?

I'm reversing all of that tonight. In the dark. I expect to get even more lost!
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    Elephant will be easier on the way back I imagine. I think you are supposed to go over pedestrian bit near the big box thing that used to be in centre of the roundabout
  • One of the downsides of the bike paths/lanes is they are confusing my new commute is essentially heading north past Heathrow, the fairly vile urban dual carriageways have cycle paths by the side, but the navigation past the M4 for example is fairly confusing.

    this said clearly it's a case by case but lot of the more modern cycle Infrastructure I do like though I'm rather cynical of what they are doing around Kingston but I guess lets see what its like in person.
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    There is a diagram of CS6 here: ... tion-a.pdf

    Unless you are coming from Oval, you need to either use the crossing to get onto CS, or ride in traffic, take the right turn onto St George's Road, then join CS6 a bit later.

    Coming from Westminster Bridge you can just to straight now, no need to go all the way aroud Parliament Square to get to Great George Street. It's easier to find on the way back.
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    Thanks all. It was indeed easier on the way back, for both PS and E&C. Just need to sort out inbound and I'll be rocking and rolling.
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