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Enve 5.6 Disc vs Zipp 454 NSW Disc

kromozomekromozome Posts: 6
edited October 2017 in Road buying advice
Thinking of upgrading my 2017 Roubaix Pro wheels from the stock Roval CL32s (which I would use as winter wheels) to either Enve 5.6 Discs or Zipp 454 NSW discs. I keep going back and forth between these two options and get close to biting the bullet before the other set looks really good again!

Here is my pro / con list:

Enve 5.6 Disc PROs: Look better in my opinion (and would look better on my bike), Chris King hubs have a proven track record, less ubiquitous than Zipps, cheaper, tubeless option, can swap out decals if I put on a different bike in the future. CONs: Chris King hubs are loud, not the newest technology.

Zipp 454s PROs: Newest technology, better cross wind behavior, Cognition hub has decreased coasting drag; quieter hubs CONs: Zipp hubs haven't had the best track record, look a little weird, etched labels so can't change the look, no tubeless option

As you can tell, most of my Pro / Con list is pretty superficial because with all the research I have done, these are both really nice wheel sets. Your opinions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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