Recommend a turbo that does not drift

I have a basic tacx blue motion that is on its last legs, would really like to replace it with something that does not suffer from drift. I have a power meter, but would prefer to not have to raise cadence over an interval just to maintain the output.

Is this something you only get with the higher end ones? I'll be using it with TR, so a basic one would be no problem, just need the resistance not to fluctuate.


  • navrig2
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    How do you find it drifting by?

    I just assume that any difference is just a variable of the kit, the environment and me but only because the amount of change in cadence is relatively small (less than 5%).

    If the kit is any more accurate than +/- 5% I would be very surprised.
  • You're right that one shouldn't look for unrealistic accuracy here - but this is not about + / - natural variance over various factors. As the magnetic block warms up, the resistance falls, so if I did an interval at steady cadence the power drops by 10% or more across the band.

    With a power meter this is not a big deal, as you can ride to power [it is a big deal if you are using virtual power, as your numbers will be significantly out]. However, I'd prefer a new turbo that doesn't do this.
    Find that I can hit a cadence value pretty much spot on which is helpful when you're doing a tough interval, rather than having to change it.
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    I did a TR session yesterday which had 9 blocks of effort at 120% of FTP. I found that my cadence varied between 110 and 120 on the last half (I changed gear part way through) of 9 blocks. I just assumed that was TR varying the resistance to make me work differently.

    I am using the Tacx Vortex.