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DI2 TT shifter question

Guernsey DonkeyGuernsey Donkey Posts: 144
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I'm thinking of turning on of my bike into a TT bike. It has a DI2 groupset.

Can the DI2 bar end TT shifters be used on their own (with mechanical brake levers) or do the brake levers need to be DI2 too?


  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,839
    I've not tried it, but page 18 of the Di2 Dealer Manual shows TT bar end shifters connected directly to the Junction box A. The schematic also shows the 'cow horn' bar brake levers incorporating Di2 shift buttons also connected directly to the 5 port Junction box A.

    I would assume that if you only connect the bar end shifters to your Junction Box A (be it 3 or 5 port) then they would work. The normal drop bar set up has the remote shifters connected to the normal drop bar lever ports, which are in turn connected to the Junction A, which is possibly where the thinking that they may not work without drop bar levers has come in.

    You could buy the bar end shifters alone and just plug them into your existing Junction A (whilst removing the drop bar connectors) and then see if it still shifts. If it does, you will have the definitive answer and you can run them alone with just brake levers. I feel sure they will work alone without your drop bar shifters.

  • Thanks. A bit more googling suggests it will work.

    It seems that it is only the sprint shifters that have to be plugged into STI's.
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