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Newcastle based Riders

AsgathAsgath Posts: 16
edited October 2017 in MTB rides
Probably the wrong time of year to be getting into more riding, but nows better than never eh?

I'm looking for riders based around the Newcastle-upon-tyne area to head out on the trails with. Been riding for a few years myself but I've only got a few friends who ride and we get far too rarely. So aye, looking for some 'rad chumps and chumpettes' to ride with. I'll be straight up honest, I don't have a car, but I'm always down for chucking in petrol money to go out places or buying a round post-ride beers in.
Mostly ride your typical trail stuff. Got a Giant Anthem X4, so not a 'big' bike so to speak, but good enough for most trail centres, limited by fairly average skill level! Haven't had the chance to go out and learn from more skilled riders.


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