vinnymarsden Posts: 560
Anyone else use PerfPRO?
I’ve had it a year now and still dabbled in.out of TR, Sufferfest and Zwift.
I have now decided that I am going to go totally all in with PerfPRO. I’m a paid up member with lifetime updates, seems a bit silly to pay a monthly subscription to one of the other apps as well.
They are excellent but PerfPRO has plenty of free workouts built in, and pre app days I bought quite a few SF vids.
My question is to any other PP users... what do you watch on screen when doing a workout?
And is it in the movie mode ?


  • NOBODY uses PerfPro!!!

    Wow , at last I am unique!!!
  • I use it, great software but so many features that it is a bit much sometimes.

    I use two displays so that I can run PP on one and watch stuff on the other, saves messing around with movie mode, I find it much better this way.

    Normally catch up on various YouTube channels whilst pedalling.
  • I agree, there is a WEALTH of on screen stuff!!
    Not thought of the x2 screen thing..I have got a spare monitor..might be a consideration...addition to the cave!!!!