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Grateful for advice for a new commuter cycling jacket

rflookrflook Posts: 72
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I am looking for a new cycling jacket, but am after something quite specific and am hoping people can give me some advice based on experience. I get quite warm quite quickly on the way to work and my current Altura jacket, while keeping my super visible and dry, does make me get quite clammy on the rather short (3 miles) trip to/from work. I am hoping for something that wears fairly loose with pockets, is waterproof with pits zips and is nice and breathable ...... moon on a stick right!

If anyone could give me some helpful pointers, I'd be really grateful. I have done some research but cannot seem to find something that hits all my key points. Cost wise, I am not adverse to paying a fair whack, but I do draw the line at the super expensive brands (Assos for example) because that is defo out of my price bracket.


  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 70,688 Lives Here
    What temperature are you looking to use it in?

    Unfortunately, as you'd expect, different kit works well for different temperatures.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I've not worn a jacket yet this year. It's not been cold enough.
  • I'd get a light windproof jacket - you're only doing 3 miles so most of those keep the rain out for a little while and allow you to breath - and wear however many layers is suitable to the temperature underneath
  • gbsahne001gbsahne001 Posts: 1,973
    For 3 miles I'd stick to what you have and just take it easy on the way in, 3 miles in say 20mins is unlikely to cause sweating.

    If you want to go faster, then drop the jacket, embrace the rain and change when you get to work. It's still warm enough to get wet and not be uncomfortable
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