Canyon Ultimate vs Moots Vamoots RSL

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Hi all, I’m ready to buy my dream bike. I started road cycling 5 years ago and took off. After 5 years of enjoyuing the sport I want to upgrade. I’ve been riding a Neilpryde fitted with Ultegra, a light-ish frame.
I’ve always had a thing for Moots bikes, I don’t know why, but I lust over them. I know Ti is “out of style”, but I can still remember I saw a moots flying up a mountain. On the other hand, Canyon just made its way to the United States and I’ve heard great things.

Criteria and considerations:
- I don’t race, but ride a spririted 200mi per week.
- I don’t need the lightest bike, but as always, the lighter the better - I think
- The roads here in Arizona stink.
- The RSL is the lightest of Moots frame.
- Is carbon much superior to Ti?

Thanks for the advice.