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Chorus 11s FD tension adjuster

greg66_tri_v2.0greg66_tri_v2.0 Posts: 7,172
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Yesterday I installed a new Chorus 11s gruppo. I may have a bent RD hanger, but that’s a different story.

Coming from 10s, I unpacked the FD, saw the little plastic barrel adjuster, thought “hmm. Wonder what that’s for. Actually, no I don’t” and put it to one side.

The FD is set up working with Rotor Q Rings. Two clicks shifts up and two clicks shifts down - at least on the work stand. Field testing begins tomorrow. But I have a slight nagging feeling that that barrel adjuster - cable tension adjuster, I think - might be useful, or worse, necessary.

Anyone managing without it?
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  • bondurantbondurant Posts: 811
    I find it completely unnecessary.
  • joe2008joe2008 Posts: 1,919
    Never even saw it.

    Chorus 11 speed FD is a massive upgrade from 10 speed.

    Only letting you click a third time once the chain had dropped from the big ring works brilliantly, never dropped a chain, and I have removed my chain catcher.

    Being longer it is also significantly more powerful shifting up too.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,575
    A what now?
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