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Cycling tights; What does more money get you?

pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
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I'm looking for un-padded tights so that I can wear them for multiple rides and wear padded shorts underneath. I always thought that the money was in the pad, but it looks like padded / un-padded are the same price. There is a huge difference in price between low and high end tights. What do you get for the extra money?


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  • pottsstevepottssteve Posts: 4,069
    Keep their shape better when wearing and after washing?

    Buy cheap, buy twice does still apply, in my experience. You just have to work out how often you will wear them and whether the extra money will be well spent.

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  • AndymaxyAndymaxy Posts: 197
    I wear Louis garneau shorts/bibs usually. The comfort between high/low end model is quite noticeable. Both high end bibs and shorts work flawlessly. They've got the waist band quite perfect, I can't feel any pressure or chaffing on my stomach even when riding in my most agressive position for a long time(no I don't have a beer belly, my aggressive position is completely flat back). The leg grippers work well too, they stay in place fairly well, and most importantly does not cause any discomfort.

    The chamois is the highlight. Their airzone chamois is the best I've worn so far, it's very thin, but is a lot more comfortable than a lot other chamois. I ride a 90gram carbon saddle with no padding at all with those shorts/bibs, and I have no problem. It's worth the cost going for better clothing, for me, they lasted quite long as well.
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    Better quality, I think the majority of us have bought cheap before and regretted it
  • shiznit76shiznit76 Posts: 640
    more expensive ones also tend to have some sort of waterproofing technology or fleece lining. That being said, I have used a pair of shorts form Aldi and they were surprisingly good. Cheaper ones also tend to have seems that aren't flat locked and can chaff. Go for a happy medium between cost and comfort
  • W12_LadW12_Lad Posts: 184
    I wear nike running tights that were picked up for about £15 a few years ago. Work fine. I don't see any need to pay more (completely different mindset from nearly all my bike stuff which I'm always looking to upgrade!).
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I've never paid huge amounts for tights - I'd rather have two pairs that I can wash and have ready rather than one expensive pair that's in the wash. PX and DHB seem to do decent legwear according to my legs.
  • Probably the best for the price would be American football training tights. It's what they wear without any pads or equipment when it is cold outside. Wicking, brushed texture inside, form fitting, comfortable, warm.

    Usually can be had about 1/3 the cost of an equivalent cycling specific pair of tights.

    Under Armour brand pretty much.
  • Bibs and tights, the moneys in the pad.
  • If you can get on with tights, of the non pad variety, great. That really does widen choice. As long as you don't have a seam running down between your groin, you should be ok.

    Me? I hate tights for anything other than running. Bibs for me. And the thought of two layers (shorts and bibtights) rules out non padded tights for me too.

    So, in relation to are more expensive worth it? Yes, because they last for ages. But, so do brands like Lusso and dhb. I've had some stray threads on one of the latter.

    All of my Castelli and Assos ones look as good as the day they were bought.
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  • I just wear shorts, they make us tough in Wales!!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
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  • more durable and comfortable materials, better washing tolerance, better fit and design (nice chamois, double layer thighs etc), after sales repair (often free), after sales support, consistent sizing (you always know what fits you)

    It is marginal gains, you pay a lot more for fairly small improvements, but if you ride a lot then stuff needs to work. If you only ride once a month then anything would do.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    The cheaper ones are OK but I buy the more expensive ones in sales as for me Castelli fit a lot better , are more comfortable and don't look like Nora Battys legs after a few rides ;)
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