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Sticky Rockshox SID fork?

surfbodisurfbodi Posts: 23
edited October 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all. Hoping for some help on this. I have a 2011 Rockshox SID fork on my Whyte hardtail. 120mm travel. I find when the bike has been unused for a while and is at room sort of temperature the fork feels really good through its travel. As it did on my commute this morning. While riding home in bad weather though the fork becomes increasingly stiff to the point it virtually locks out. If I let the pressure out the fork again can be moved up and down freely. It really doesn't like cold or wet at all. For a 2011 fork it looks to be in excellent condition. I have noticed that the rebound adjuster is having limited effect as well. Anyone else had this problem? Its spoiling my bike :( Thanks!


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