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New frame/Bike

Young_God_MTBYoung_God_MTB Posts: 18
edited October 2017 in MTB buying advice
so i have the nica discount (25% off) ... heet-2.pdf ... -price.pdf ... -price.pdf ... rogram.pdf


I am looking at a new frame. Unless it is 100ml up front, I will need one with a fork. I am taking the componets from my 2017 cindercone. (650b) Under 1700 and maybe :mrgreen: fs? The above links are to specific bikes. I have the 25% off, so if the price was somewhere close to the frame its self if I include the discount I would love that because I could sell my cindercone for about 800.

Thanks for your help :lol: 8) :):D:( :P :P :)


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