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2018 Whyte 905? First time buyer advice..

SnowtektvSnowtektv Posts: 5
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Has anybody got one of these? I've tried looking for some reviews and stuff online but nothings really said about the 905 since the 2016 version. How are they? Recommended to a first time buyer? Is there anything particularly bad / good about them? I'm looking at doing trail riding at the weekends with someone who goes a lot, general commuting and general fitness.

Also, what are the best recommendations regarding bike locks and storage? When I'm at work (I live there for 5 days at a time) that won't be an issue as I can store the bike in my room and in an enclosed bike rack at my place of work but when I'm back home? Will a car do? I have a big fear / hatred of people going near my stuff that I've bought, as I'm sure you all do!

Is there any advice you wish you had when you got your first bike? And I mean literally anything at all because I didn't realise that a new bike didn't come with pedals until I went into the shop.. :oops:

Thanks and sorry for being so clueless.. :(


  • slc123slc123 Posts: 407
    I don't know about this specific bike, but a friend of mine who I ride with regularly rides a lower spec Whyte hardtail and it's a pretty decent bike. We generally use it for local trails and get up to some of the trail centres like Forest of Dean and it is more than capable. It does struggle on some of the bigger drops and more DH stuff, but looking at the 905 review and specs available, it's a pretty aggressive hardtail, which should cope with pretty much anything you can throw at it.

    In terms of keeping it safe, from my experience the more you can do the better. I've had a couple of bikes stolen from locked up sheds/garages and if people know they are there and it's a decent bike they will go to great lengths to get it. My advice would be don't leave it anywhere people can see it. I would be pretty apprehensive about leaving a bike like this on full view in a car (depending on where the car is parked)

    In terms of the best advice I could give you would be to see if you can get any test rides or ride a friends bike to get a feel for your style and what might fit well for you. You may find for the sort of stuff you are looking to do this will be overkill and from the review seems like it can be quite heavy and clunky at times, so if you end up doing lots of XC and commuting uphills etc, it may start to become a bit of a drag and you may be better suited to something lighter and more agile.

    Best of luck with the choice!
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  • poddypoddy Posts: 52
    Hi-I have a Whyte 905 2017 and I love it. I searched for months looking for the right bike.

    The ride is superb, mainly I use it around Llandegla and XC routes around North Wales. Can't recommend it enough, no need for full suss IMO.

    I read a review which said it felt heavy/clunky-don't know where they were coming from on that. I find it faster on the climbs and descents and it certainly doesn't feel heavy at all.

    The 2018 version has larger volume tyres and different forks-so I guess the ride will be even better. That's one thing I might change is a move to the Maxxis High rollers, the rear WTB on the 2017 model's a bit slippy in the mud-but the new bike has addressed that.

    I'm sure you'll love the 2018 model...although there are one or two good deals on the 2017 one (which IMO looks better).

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi,

    Did you get the 2018 905? If so, what are your thoughts? I'm looking at the same bike right now...

  • Hi,

    I'm looking at the same bike - 905, 2018. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,842
    The OP only ever made 3 posts and hasn't logged in for nearly 2 months. I wouldn't hold your breaths waiting for a reply.
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