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Boardman Team FS vs Giant Stance 2017 for trails and small ramps/jumps

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Boardman Team FS vs Giant Stance 2. Have read a lot about the Boardman, great parts for price and lots of incredibly positive reviews. However, I saw a video on the different FS types and found that Giant's system is the most efficient. I will use the bike for trails including small jumps/ramps but still fairly aggressive, although, weight is key as I will also be climbing a fair bit. Also heard of Canyon Neuron 6 0 but I'm worried that's a bit more XC style. Open to suggestions under £1000. :D


  • I had a Boardman Team FS for 3 years, it was my first full susser and served me well. Its perfectly capable for trail riding. Blues and Reds and even some Black trails. You will need to budget for better tyres or at least replace the front with a grippier tyre. The X Kings the bike comes with are the cheap bottom spec compound, they rolls very quick but doesn't inspire confidence when you need grip. Overall excellent bike, which Stance are you looking at 2017 or 2018?
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    Bear in mind that the Stance doesn’t have the Maestro suspension found on the Anthem, Trance, Reign, etc.
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    Get the Boardman it's a lot better than the Stance. Also look at Calibre Bossnut from go outdoors.
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