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Giant Trance 3 2017 or 2018

ColinTwizzleColinTwizzle Posts: 2
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My LBS is selling both the 2017 & & 2018 models of the Giant Trance 3, I’m torn between them. The 2017 model has a few things I’d instantly upgrade such as a wider bar & a dropper which are already sorted on the 2018 model which takes them to roughly the same price bracket.
For what I’m after & to support my LBS the Trance is the only true choice for my riding so not looking at other models.



Both have their strengths & weaknesses, a steer would be greatly appreciated.




  • The 2018 has Monarch R which I believe cannot be locked or set to pedal mode, I tend to lock my rear end on lengthy pedal or climb sections so for me this would be a problem. I have never ridden a bike with Aion fork however I have heard good things about it, its probably lighter and plusher and stiffer than the low end Sektor TK on the 2017 however its just my guess so probably best to try both - can you demo the bikes?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,793
    The Aion (2018) matches roughly with the Yari and is lighter and better than a Sektor.
    The 2018 has wide range 1x10 gearing )instead of the 2x10) which I think is better suited to it.
    The 2018 gets the dropper

    Against that the 2017 has a slightly better rear shock with adjustable threshold.

    Personally I'd get the 18 and see how happy I was and look at upgrading the shock to something better than the RT even, I don't think the RT can be locked, that needs the RT3 (3 position, Lock, pedal and open).
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