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Giant Trance 2016 pivot bearing Need Help

winter_zombiewinter_zombie Posts: 291
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Hi All

i have a 10 month old Giant Trance 2 (2016) 27.5 that i brought from rutland cycling

i have had a creek sound on the bike for about 2 weeks so today i went to my local bike shop
who is a Giant Dealership and asked for help and advise

i was told that my Pivot bearings are whats making the sound and i should replace them or let them do it at a cost.
they said it would take 1- 2 hours at £25 a hour plus £35 for the bearings ! :(

my bike has only done about 300 miles from new so i dont understand why this has happend

i contacted rutland cycling today to see if they could help with it still been under warrenty, but i was told bearings are classed as just wear and tear so. :(

ive found a few ebay sellers selling pivot bearings kits and if this is going to be a thing i have to do evey year then i should learn how to do this myself and save £££

so can you please advise me on what pivot bearings i should buy and the tools needed, i know ive seen then on ebay but i guess they wil be cheap quality ..

any help and advise would be much appreciated, if you have links to items please post them if allowed and to any videos that i can follow

thank you :cry:


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,752
    Have you tried tightening everything?
    I had a terrible creak on my Trance and eventually stopped it by checking every bolt I could: it sounded like it was coming from the bottom bracket area but turned out it was the saddle clamp bolts.
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    They should last much longer than that.
    Have you ever jetwashed it.
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  • Hi cooldad no never jet washed any bike, i know its a no no and can force grease out and muck/grit into parts.


    im a member of the giant trace owners club on face book and almost all of them have said i should just re-grease the bearing rather than buy new ones because of their age. but i need to find the bearing removel tool with out it costing me £40+ i know on one/planet x did their own brand but looking at it on their website its end of line and only a few different add sizes left :( some videos on youtube show people bashing them out with wood put its looks barbaric .
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