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Wahoo Kickr / Zwift

dormer88dormer88 Posts: 110
Hi All,

So I started out last night on my first ride and wasn't really knowing what to expect with the kickr. I was on a small loop around box hill and expected the kickr's resistance to really ramp up as I started to climb. All I really noticed was that my cadence was not changing but my speed on the came was a lot slower. Should it be harder on the pedals with the resistance? I was still climbing in the big ring with a high cadence.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong at all?




  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    It should get harder.

    Have you paired it as a controllable trainer in Zwift?

    Do you have any other apps running? Such as the Wahoo Fitness App?
  • dormer88dormer88 Posts: 110
    Yes, I have.

    I am currently running the Zwift mobile link app and the Zwift application on my computer?
  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    Have you updated the firmware on your Kickr?

    Its possible that another application on the phone is controlling the Kickr.

    You can also use the Fitness App to see what changes in resistance should feel like. Obviously kill the app after you've done that.
  • As said make sure you're paired as "Controllable Trainer" the bottom right box. Just pairing as power won't do.

    In the game go to settings and look for the Trainer Difficulty slider - put it all the way to the right - if there's no trainer difficulty slider, go back and pair Controllable Trainer again.
  • dormer88dormer88 Posts: 110
    Hi All,

    This is sorted now, thanks for your help.
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