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will a sherlock GPS tracker fit in a carrera vulcan

arnieA380arnieA380 Posts: 59
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HI all

not sure where to post this but does anybody know if a sherlock GPS tracker would fit inside the handlebars of a carrera vulcan mountain bike?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Yes it will fit.

    Will it work is a whole different question, previous GPS trackers have proven to be singularly useless, and of course all it does is give you a better chance of getting a stolen bike back, it doesn't stop it getting stolen and calling it an anti-theft device is a downright lie really, plus it adds £100 to your loss if it doesn't mean you to get the bike back.

    No-one seems to have tested one yet, so it could be as useful as previous GPS trackers (you could fill the empty box with something heavy to keep doors open....)

    I'd rather spend the extra money on good conventional security (which you'll need anyway as it doesn't prevent theft) and certainly wouldn't buy one until I'd seen some reviews, noting the 'featured in' links on their webpage actually come back to the same page and that if you go and find them they 'feature' is just a rehash of the press release - so maybe they don't want you to realise no-one has tested it.

    The big weakness is if you advertise the fact the bike has a GPS tracker to try and prevent theft, you also tell a crook to look for it and remove it, if you don't advertise the fact it has no deterrent value. I may consider it for a £1k plus bike as an extra to the £100 or so conventional security, but on a Vulcan your security will then have cost you half the price of the bike.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I'd spend it on a lock.
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