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Where can I get wheel bearings from?

crakercraker Posts: 2,060
edited October 2017 in The workshop
You might want to help with my maintenance technique too - Specialized Langster fixie on stock wheels, ~6000 miles.

When I remove the back wheel, the axle is stiff and lumpy. Several times this year I've loosened it up, cleaned and regreased (well, just the once, but you get the idea) and tightened it up so it's slightly loose (idea being that it pinches up to no play once in the dropouts). Nice and smooth running bearings before the refit.

On removal, weeks later, the bearings are horrid and lumpy again. There was play in them last time I refitted the wheel, so I'm not overtightening them.

Next stop? Change the bearings I suppose. Can you recommend a retailer? They're cup'n'cone, same size that comes out of most wheel bearings in my experience, do I need to get the micrometer out?



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