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Carrera headset help

benalibenali Posts: 32
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My son has just bought a new mtb. It appears to be missing a headset bearing. I'm not sure sure what type this headset is in order to buy some new parts. Any help please?


  • kirkeekirkee Posts: 369
    If you are missing the bearing from either end your options will either be, take it down to local bike shop and stump up for a new headset fitting or, buy a suitable headset and get the req bearing that way. I have bought separate cartridge bearings for integrated headsets but not sure you can get the cage type one you req separately. Its easier to buy sealed angle cartridge type bearings as they have the exact size info engraved on them. I think the headset you will req is an FSA number 11, semi integrated type.
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Halfords sell caged bearings for £1.99 or something.

    Check if the one you have fits both sides then take it in or measure it and get another.

    Are you sure the bottom one is not just rusted into place?
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  • The brg was in the bottom with the top left rocking about. The brg cups appear to be built into the frame as the brg sits nicely into the seat you can see, so not sure if the fsa 11 is correct?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    The bearing cups knock out the frame, long screwdriver through the headtube and a tap with a hammer.
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