fluid turbos

poynedexter Posts: 283
i'm considering a new turbo, and am considering a fluid type.

i'm imagining they can be smooth and "road like". how do they tend to fair doing low cadence drills? can they generate enough resistance even in a 52/11 gear to do efforts in the 60 rpm range? for me this would need to be in 300 watts range at this rpm.


  • step83
    step83 Posts: 4,170
    My cascade seems to put up with it fine, the heatsink gets a bit hot mind so watch your leg after. Its more how much power you put through but 300W is well within their limits.
  • jgsi
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    Cycleops Fluid 2 .. well need to be thoroughly warm before low cadence / high power output happens.
    300 @60 seems reasonable though.
    I zwift and the max I can get out of the turbo is 8 w/kg , when I can easily spike over 10 on the road.
    High priced direct drive apparently deliver the road experience.
  • StillGoing
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    Elite Kura is direct drive fluid and has very good resistance. It'd be hard to do long on the big ring its that good. Its misconceiving when you're not using the gears you would on the road for the same speeds and power, but that's how the resistance works on the Kura in order to achieve 2,000 watts plus.
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