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My chain sounds bad

asaf123098asaf123098 Posts: 33
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Hi, a few days ago i put my chain into a bath of color thinner (it was really dirty and i didnt have a degreaser), since than my chain is very noisy (you can hear it "merging" with the chain wheel when pedaling), and when i ride i sometimes hear a little metal clicking sound that i didnt hear before (i lubed my chain again).

i guessed that maybe my chain is too worn already (i have my bike for aprox. two years , i ride a lot and never changed my chain..) so i ordered a chain wear meter, but until i get it i just wanted to know if maybe the color thinner could have ruined the chain some how, or am i just hearing the chain because all the dirt got off?



  • I'm not sure what colour thinner is, but I'm guessing it's some sort of solvent, and you dried it before re applying fresh lube? If you relube when it's still wet with solvent it will probably dissolve the lube so it will clatter more. If that's the case give the chain a good wipe down with a dry rag and relube again.

    The danger with bathing a chain in solvent is it will complely strip all the lube from all the hard to get places which could accelerate wear of you then ride it.

    Although if you 'ride a lot' and 2 years old, it's very possible the chain and cassette are a bit past their best.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Chain sounds dead.
    New chain and cassette, maybe chainrings and learn some basic maintenance.
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  • Got it,

    After changing my chain some of the noise was gone,
    but when i pedal a little hard i still hear a noise.

    Hope the picture is clear enough:

    Is my deraillieur too bent?

    My hanger is fine:

    Also i thought maybe this part of the deraillieur causes some of the noise?

  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    The chain needs to go on the other side of that tab on the mech cage. The one you circled in red in the last pic.
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  • Thanks!! it made a big differece, but the is still a little noise only when i pedal hard (quieter than before),
    when the bike is standing and i pedal backwards, the gears are changing, im guessing that shouldnt happen, could it also indicate a source for the noise?
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Don't pedal backwards. It's not designed to work like that.

    Have you relubed ?

    Is your joining pin sticking out slightly ? Or a stiff link ?
  • i have relubed, and i dont think that its just because of one link because its more of a long sound.. to me it really sounds like a chain touching a chainwheel the wrong way when the chain is streched, but i coulndt identify exactly where the sounds is coming from
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