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Hydration Pack Capacity

slowhand44slowhand44 Posts: 47
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Looking to buy a new hydration pack to replace my VERY old Camelbak M.U.L.E. (circa 1998). Narrowed my choices down to either theOsprey Raptor or Viper. My question is how much load capacity do I need? I’m looking to use it both on localcrodes of up to 3 hours, and when going to trail centres where I assumed I’ll need to carry a jacket and food as whel. As the usual tools, spares and phone, wallet, keys, etc.

The raptor comes in either 14 or 10 litre capacity (excluding the reservoir) and the viper is either 13 or 9
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  • I have a 20 ltr Osprey that I use for long weekends (coast-to-coast etc).
    For anything around 3 hours I would go a lot smaller - as long as it has room for tools and tubes, and has webbing for a jacket, you should be ok with a 9 or 10.
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  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    I have the 14ltr Raptor ... it has compression straps on it so it is kept flat if you dont have that much in it. It also doesnt crush anything if you decide to put a bit too much in

    Lovely bag .. the only thing missing is a plethera of straps and mesh on the outside to wedge armour and wet jackets in
  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    I can't comment on the packs mentioned, but I have a Kriega Hydro 3 pack - on its own is will hold 3 litres of fluid and has a very small luggage area (enough for a tube, mini pump, tools etc) which is perfect for shorter rides. However, I also have a Kriega US-5 drypack which straps to the Hydro, adding 5 litres of absolutely waterproof capacity for longer rides. I like that I can add or remove it depending on my ride. You can do the same with the US-10.

    It's not cheap though. I rationalise it by using the US-5 on my motorbike as well as a small tail pack. And it is very well made.
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  • I've got a viper 9, fits tools, pump, puncture kit, spare tube, keys, phone, jacket and snacks inside pretty easy and still comfortable on my back.

    Great bag had it 5 years definitely buy osprey again
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,842
    Raptor 14 here. Great bag.
    As mentioned above the compression straps flatten the bag nicely when not carrying much but there is plenty of room for the usual tools, spare tube, snacks, jacket, etc when needed.
    The removable tool roll is a very good feature and makes it quick and easy to get tools out without having to dig through the bag.
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  • Thanks for all the input. I ended up getting a Raptor 14
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