Wiggle Item Missing - Any Comments?

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Two items ordered separately from Wiggle, a few days later I get a text saying both had been delivered via Royal Mail Tracked. Got home, only one item there, thrown over the side gate of my house.

Contact Wiggle, they said they would contact courier and get back to me, didn’t hear anything. Raised another incident with them, quoting the first incident reference number. Got a response the same as the first. I replied saying it has now been nearly 2 weeks, got a response saying we will contact the courier.

The item was £150.

Is this issue with Wiggle or are they going to say contact Royal Mail?

Been using Wiggle for years, first ever problem. Not very happy with the customer service centre though to be honest. No idea where they are based but don’t think it’s the UK.

Any other experiences, or advice?



  • mattsaw
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    I'm certainly not coming from any legal standpoint on this, but logic would dictate to me at least that it is Wiggles responsibility to ensure that goods reach you within a satisfactory timeframe.

    RM are their contractors, so it would be up to them to do the legwork of chasing up a failed delivery.
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    Issue is with Wiggle, one of the things that annoy me about Wiggle is that you cannot phone and talk to someone if there is a problem.
    Couriers screw up, companies sending stuff out screw up. The important thing is how it is dealt with when things go wrong. That should have been sorted well before now. If you paid by credit card I'd be talking to them now, bit harder if it was a debit card.
  • I paid by Paypal, I presume they will take it up, but will probably take a while.

    I'm very surprised with Wiggle to be honest, they are usually spot on. Then again, this is the first time something has gone wrong.
  • mattsaw
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    I would fire off a quick email to Wiggle now and say that if you haven't had a satisfactory update from them today then you'll be filing an INR dispute via Paypal.
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  • Mattsaw wrote:
    I would fire off a quick email to Wiggle now and say that if you haven't had a satisfactory update from them today then you'll be filing an INR dispute via Paypal.

    Done that today, just received reply:

    I am sorry for the delay with this order. I have checked and I can see that my colleague has raised and escalated this with Royal Mail for an update. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace or refund you for this until Royal Mail have concluded their investigation. As soon as there is any update my colleague will be in touch.

    Your patience in the meantime is greatly appreciated.
  • mattsaw
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    I would reply and say that you already raised this 2 weeks ago which isn't acceptable and you're going ahead to file an INR to ensure that the matter is being dealt with.

    They should be able to get a delivery confirmation/reference from Royal Mail within a few minutes, not weeks.
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    Just open a case with Paypal, they'll give Wiggle 10 days or whatever to sort it out then refund you.
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  • thistle_
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    If it was something that you posted yourself, then according to https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app ... ld-i-do%3F
    you can get your compensation after 10 working days, so regardless of whether or not RM have managed to complete their investigation they should have paid out to Wiggle for the lost item by now. I'm not sure if there's a different deal for corporate customers using the tracked service.

    I'd open a case with Paypal like cooldad suggests.
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  • Yesterday I gave them 24 hours to respond before I took it up with PayPal. Just received this:

    I've contacted Royal Mail on the 17th of September to investigate your case. After 10 days the investigation still ongoing, I don't receive any answer yet.

    I escalated your case twice, yesterday and the day before but they are unable to confirm what happened with the parcel.

    I don't want you to wait any longer than this and I'm honestly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    We still have the item in stock so if you'd like I would be happy to send you one with next day delivery. If you no longer need the item please let me know so I can issue the refund immediately.

    Again, please accept my apologies for these additional delays and for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Should have added, thanks for the guidance. I tend to be a bit laid back on these things and give others the benefit of the doubt. Getting pushy helped!

    Cheers all.
  • Can’t see anyone actually posted this...

    Head office is Portsmouth so UK based
    Shipping is from Bilston in the West Midlands
    There is some customer service is Portsmouth (I know people who work there)
    Generally their customer service is top notch. For the best delivery options/price and time select Collect+ No launching it over the fence. It’s safe and sound somewhere close.