Edge 820 Not Syncing with Express

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Not sure how long this has been an issue for me as I upload the rides via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and my phone but I connected my 820 to the PC and after finding a cable that works rather than a cable for power only it shows as connected in Garmin Express and then shows as synced but then I get an error message at the top saying 'There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect'
I've done different ports and cables on the PC and it shows as connected in Garmin Express, I've cleared all the activities and a factory reset and still getting the error message.
Given that it is connecting is my next course of action returning it back to Cycle Republic as I've only had it since February?
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    Try asking for advice at the Garmin Forums. You can always manually copy off the ride logs and manually upload the Garmin Express.
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    Sorted it out myself, seems all the cables I used weren't connecting fully. Did a hard reset after saving all the rides I had on the unit, only from August, and connected to the PC with a brand new charge cable rated to 2.5a and all is good, luckily the new cable is coloured so easy to remember which one it is. If anybody is interested the cable I bought was a £3 micro usb from Tiger.
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  • Hello,

    I'm having exactly the same issue with my Edge 820.
    When I press "sync" in Garmin Express it starts syncing and the bar always stops at the middle producing
    the "There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect" message - like the connection times out.
    Was it like that for you also ?
    I'll try some different cables to check if it works for me also.

  • Hard reset and other connection cables didn't work for my case, having also updated to the latest versions
    of Garmin Connect and Express.
    Going through the Garmin forums for Garmin Express - PC issues I found this solution that worked for me :

    1. Go to Garmin device in Explorer
    2. Delete folders ACTIVITY, NEWFILES, REMOTESW on the device itself
    3. Eject device, restart device
    4. Plug in device, sync again

    ... if the above don't help, then:

    1. Quit Garmin Express
    2. Eject Garmin device, restart device
    3. Go to %ProgramData%\Garmin\CoreService\Devices
    4. Move the folder corresponding to the problem device elsewhere
    5. Restart Garmin Express
    6. Plug in Garmin device
    7. Sync again
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