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fork seal 'popped'

m00nbadgerm00nbadger Posts: 53
edited September 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
hi guys

Was out on the weekend, did around 20 odd miles round sherwood pines. Next day I had a little tootle about on it on the roads, nothing major, and noticed that the left hand for seal had popped off. by popped I mean its had slid up the stantion and is no longer secured in place. this happened possibly at the same time I was manually pumping the forks riding round and could tell the fork pressure had considerably reduced. was able to manually 'force' it back, but of course I nursed it home and haven't ridden it since

my thinking here is that hopefully a service and new seals etc should be fine, but just concerning this has happened out of the blue.

Forks are a couple of years old, and I've never serviced them (yes I know, very poor form there). Forks have seen maybe 750 miles usage of road/off road usage in that time. bike has sat for about 3 months before getting a good ride too, so not sure if that's hastened something like this happening? fork is a rockshox reba solo air 100mm travel from 2014

Just looking for some reassurance and/or advice that this can happen, and a service is hopefully enough to remedy the issue



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