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Work have just given us a lovely new Wattbike? My question is what can I do with it? Lol


  • You can use it as an exercise bike!!
    Effectively its a spin bike with a power reading :)
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    Cheers. Will have a gander
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    i use a Wattbike Pro. Using Bluetooth it connects to my iPad, I’m a member of Sufferfest so do their 4d training, strangely enough I’m just having an espresso before I go and do a full frontal test.
    Anyway, in Sufferfest I can see the power and cadence that I’m putting out, at the end the ride automatically uploads to Strava where if inclined it can be analysed.
    The Wattbike is much more than a spin bike, I find it an incredibly useful and convenient training tool. But that’s with it being accompanied by another training product.