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Raceblade pro xl front guards

fat_tailfat_tail Posts: 786
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Hi everyone

looking for some help. I recently bought some raceblade pro xl mudguards to use with my road bike (Ridley Fenix SL). The frame size is SMALL which is approx the same as 54 for other manufacturers. The rear guards go on fine and work very well - at least I hope they do. The front one has been a bit of a nightmare for the front.

No matter how much I adjust the front guard will either bang against the frame or rub against the tyres. they are supposed to be infinitely adjustable however I find that the top anchoring wires are not long enough if I want to move the anchoring point so it doesn't bang against the frame.

I have watched the raceblade videos countless of times and the smug b*stards don't explain it well enough.

thanks for your help
Ridley Fenix SL
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