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New Crankset

ShlemonboostedmShlemonboostedm Posts: 2
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Hey guys I'm new to cycling and bought my self a Bianchi Via nirone Tiagra .. Been riding for almost 2 years and love it .. however I'm a person who kinda getting bored out of things so I start to upgrading my bike .. so far i got Blackset rims 1488grams ( compare to stock 2600grams ) Zipp Carbon handle bars , carbon stem, carbon seat post , new saddle .. my bike went from 23lbs to 19.5 since then .. now I'm thinking to upgrade my Crank set which is weight 930grams to something lighter like FSA K lite which weights 626grams .. but the thing is I'm very confused with the bottom brackets .. it's says my bottom bracket is FSA exo .. but when I see all the cranks it's says bb86 or hollowtech or comparable with most fsa brackets set but still says bb86 .. I'm a bit confused now .. which bottom bracket do I have ? And which crank I should buy ? Thank you guys for your help ..


  • Might need double checking, but I suspect the Bianchi Via Nirone has a standard BSA 68 mm threaded bottom bracket. It is a low range frameset and I'd be surprised if they fitted it with a press fit BB86.

    More to the point, this is a question for road buying advice, more than a workshop question
  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,204

    More to the point, this is a question for road buying advice, more than a workshop question

    To quote a well known tennis player."You can not be serious"!

    To Shlemon I will say "Welcome to this forum". I can not answer your question but I am sure someone will give you a constructive answer.
  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,098
    Your frame probably has an English threaded BB shell (BSA 68mm). To fit a carbon FSA chainset to this you will need the appropriate FSA MegaExo bottom bracket (cups and bearings). The FSA crank will also need to be the MegaExo type (rather than for another press fit standard such as BB30). In the Shimano world, the same kind of external BB is called Hollowtech and can come in Italian threaded, English threaded or press fit (PF86) guises, but it is not entirely compatible with FSA's MegaExo standard so you will need to remove the existing BB cups (or cartridge) and install the correct FSA one. I have an FSA SLK light MegaExo carbon chainset and it uses the FSA BB-8681 cups, which are a lot more expensive than similar Shimano ones.
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