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So, today was my first ride in on my new "winter" bike, a PX London Road, 30 miles in from Effingham to Canary Wharf.

First impressions, it's HEAVY, my normal commuter is a Giant Defy Advanced 0, and so there is a noticable weight difference. Also, the tyres that came with it are a bit on the crappy side. They seem to have a reasonably high rolling resistance (although I'm only guessing by 'feel') and when I went "off-road" in Richmond Park this morning they didn't seem to have that much grip either. The mudguards also need adjusting as there is quite a bit of shoe/guard cross-over when turning.

So, does that make it a terrible bike? No, not in the slightest. I suspected the tyres were going to be awful and I will replace them asap, the mudguards just need some configuring (but come on PX, if you're not going to put the guards on the bike at least include some bloody instructions) and everything else, I'll just get used to.

It did take me 15 minutes more to commute in though and I used up almost 200 more calories than yesterdays ride. But that just gives me more cake eating allowance right?!
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  • What build did you go for? Their Full Monty has me interested but i suspect that I would have to do a frame up build to get what I want (Tiagra triple or CX chainset, spyre or HyRd brakes / poss Tiagra hydros. Dyno hub, mudguards rack.
  • Very brave buyiNg a London Road after all their poor quality control regarding seat post slipping.

    I hope you bought it during a decent round of DFS sales, given its spec including mechanical disc brakes, considering my Cube cost £900 in May.
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    I went for the hydro brakes. The sales that are on now seems to have pushed up the price by £100 so I'm sure that when you apply the discount it'll be the same price as I paid.

    My groupset is the SRAM 1x Rival. Chosen because I thought it would be nice to have a single chain ring up front as I hardly ever shift the front derailleur on the commute. It'll...take some getting used to. The shifting method is obviously different from my Ultegra Di2 set up on the other bike and the steps between gears are a little big on some changes.
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    Planet X London Road - Wet
    Montague Fit - Foldy thing that rarely gets used these days
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    I love my PX LR (fitted with a 27.2mm seatpost in a 31.8mm OD shim), I bought it as a frameset and its come out at just under 9Kg.

    Toe overlap is pretty much inevitable, It's impossible for me (size 11's, 175mm cranks a Large frame) to fit guards without it (only about 6mm clear of the tyre) so I've just learnt to live with it.
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