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Schwalbe Tyres

maximus2k17maximus2k17 Posts: 6
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What are the lightest Schwalbe MTB tyres that are available?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Go on the Schwalbe website and do some research.
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  • Probably Racing Ralph Liteskin.

    I don't recommend Liteskins, they puncture easily. The slight weight penalty is worth having the Snakeskins.
  • The Rookie wrote:
    I use Ron/Ralph liteskin, never had a puncture (tubeless).

    Furious Freds are lighter.

    I'll admit I had tubes when I first had the Ralphs. I then converted an already well worn tyre to tubeless and I was forever loosing air pressure and leaking sealant.

    I much prefer the Rocket Ron Snakeskin as tubeless personally, but my comparison of Liteskin was perhaps not a fair one.

    I still think the slight difference in weight is worth it for the extra protection of Snakeskin.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,713
    What are the lightest Schwalbe MTB tyres that are available?

    For what use?
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  • I use a rocket ron front tyre, rear racing ralph.
    Racing ralph is to sketchy for a front tyre.

    EVO version, not performance version.

    I'd quite like to try the rock razor or thunder burt , but the centre tread looks so low I'd be worried they'd wear out too quickly. And they are not cheap.

    I think ralph evo is the lightest I'd go for a rear tyre.

    To be fair to Shwalbe, they are marketed as race day cross country tyres rather than hard core DH tyres that will last a few years.
  • Furious Fred are very light.

    they are also narrow with an almost road tyre like centre tread and unconvincing shoulder tread. I believe that they cannot be set up tubeless very succesfully.

    i use them for predominately fire trail riding and the road ride to the gravel. they run about as fast as road tyres on tarmac and are great on gravel. I have torn the sidewall on my rear tyre once on rocks and get the occasional pinch flat if I don't keep them pumped up to around 30psi.

    It would be a skilled and confident MTBer that would use them on MTb trails, I imagine.
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