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Scott Genius 700 Tuned - Three Bikes in One ?

NobbyClarke020NobbyClarke020 Posts: 4
edited September 2017 in MTB general
Hi Guys,

I've recently picked up a 2015 Genius 700 tuned on the secondhand market. I was wondering whether the genius frame is different for the standard 700, LT and now Plus models if anybody has any insight ?....

Reason I ask is, the bike started life as a standard 700 tuned with the Fox 32 fork and Nude CTD shock. The previous owner has put on a Fox 36 RC2 160mm upfront so effectively making it into the LT version (unless of course the frames are different). The shock looks the same between the standard and LT, unless they offered two versions, one with the longer stroke ?

Also, seeing as 'plus' is the latest trend, without going and spending out on a set of 2.8's to try, again have Scott produced a specific plus Genius frame ? There is definitely clearance up front in the 36 and looks promising at the back but not 100%.

Any help appreciated.



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