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Downs Dash - how tough is 25 route for CX?

boombangboombang Posts: 38
edited September 2018 in Routes
Got my name down for this next month but wondering how rough and steep this is in reality?

Limitations are that I only have a CX bike (36-28 lowest gear) 33mm Scwalbe X-Ones. Main concern is rocks hence avoiding the 32 miler.

Seen a 3 min video and looked alright - bridleways, wood trails and gravel not a massive problem for me.


  • I'd like to know too. I'm signed up for the 32 with a cx bike.

    If the 25's ok and extra 7 is too technical I might have to go round the 25 twice :lol:
  • I've chucked on a spare medium cage rear mech and a 32 cassette that I had, aside from that not sure what more I can do.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 22,389 Lives Here
    I would think you'd be ok, don't know that particular course but have ridden a few bits of the Downs (North & South) on a CX. Some of the steeper hills can get a bit scary going down if very bumpy and some of the steep climbs may defeat you depending on the gearing. But should be mostly achievable, just err on the side of caution.
  • Thanks, have been working on discovering my limits on the CX bike. Only went over bars once on a very steep descent but thankfully a tree caught me.
  • The worst thing on the the North and South downs is the effects of the rain. On the North Downs its rideable but can clog you down in some sections if it's been raining. Safe, but harder riding. The South Downs are a whole other matter though - if you're doing some of the chalky descents in the rain be very careful, it will get very slippery VERY quickly!
    (You'll also get impact punctures on the larger stones quite easily so make sure you run as fatter CX tyre as possible)
    Have fun!
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