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4diiii power meter crank - over reading?

Hendrix2430Hendrix2430 Posts: 119
edited September 2017 in Road general
Hi All

Just got a 4iiii crank for my bike - took it out for a 30mn spin and I think there is something wrong...

I've done FTP tests on Zwift and Trainerroad with an Elite Trainer (with Misuro B+ unit), and outside I am using the Strava Iphone App and its estimated power...not ideal I realise this, but surprisingly all of them were kind of similar.

But this time, I connected the 4iiii power meter to Strava to test it, and my average power was 380W for the ride...thats waaaay too high I think!!! That's like 6.5W/kg!

On the 4iiii app there you can change the wheel circumference - currently it is set at 2070. I run Fulcrums 700C X 25mm...

Should I change the wheel circumference to 2105 for this size wheel/tyre? (as it is recommended by several head unit manufacturers on their devices)? There isn't this option on Strava...

Thank you for the advice, I must say I'm a bit at a loss here...Cheers!


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