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Help to choose between these two

sup3r1orsup3r1or Posts: 2
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Hello everyone this is posted in MB forum as I haven't found suitable category, but it doesn't actually mean I am looking for mountain bike specifically. In any case the story:
I decided to buy a bike. Yay, when I was really young I used to have a hybrid bike and I rode it everywhere, even in the Forrest.
I have decided to get back into it, as it has been over 10 years since I last had a bike.

I decided to go for TREK where I live its easier to get. Now here are my choices TREK MARLIN 7 and TREK DS3 (Dual Sport 3). Marlin is a bit cheaper about 100 usd cheaper but that doesn't matter.

Here is my dilemma, I will use this to go to work quite often 20 km on smooth road, but on weekends I really want to take it for a spin on. I saw Marlin and those tires are massive, I wonder how will that fare on normal commute on smooth road, because they really look like they were made for off road. Also I noticed that DS 3 has more convenient stuff, like special place for sensors and loads of way to accessorize bike, but will it be strong enough to go on a countryside? I live in Thailand in a countryside and loads of interesting places to take a bike to. However mainly I will be on the road.
smooth road yous this goes for 20 km from my home to work and back.
Thank you all. And hello to everyone.
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