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Qr skewers-extra length

thegoatboythegoatboy Posts: 23
edited September 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello again

I'm trying to convert my mountain bike to put an pannier on it.

I tried a saddle clamp on one but it's just not good enough.

I've bought a disk break pannier that should fit on the qr skewer.

I've tried to fit it, but with the pannier on, the qr skewer just isn't long enough.

I've tried to measure it, and end to end of the bar seems to be about 175mm

Is that right? I'm struggling to find ones online that seem to be that long or longer.

Am I measuring it correctly?

Any help appreciated.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    My friend has that type, the pannier comes (as new) with an extra long QR, you can get them separately if you search around.
  • This didn't come with the qr unfortunately.

    Am I measuring it correctly?

    Do I need to measure from the release to the other end, or the release to where the thread starts?
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,477 Lives Here
    St John Street Cycles are often good for that kind of thing. Had a quick look and they list one for tandems with a 145mm hub rather than the normal 135mm. ... -oln-hubs/
    It says 175mm long so not sure if they are measuring it differently as that should be 10mm longer than usual.
  • tredz have some that are 190mm ... _78814.htm

    but I'm reluctant to buy them as they sound like they could fit the axle of my car.

    I might pop into tredz and have a word with them.
  • Sounds like a rear fatbike skewer would fit.

    They at least come in 170; 177; 190; 197 sizes according to hub width excluding the skewer thread bit, so smallest is ~200mm total width.
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  • ah, so i need to measure the length without including the thread?

  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,532
    It depends what the quoted size means from the skewer manufacturer - and they may not all measure in the same way...

    If 170mm is the length of the 'rod' then you need to subtract from that the amount of that rod which needs to be threaded into the end cap to make it secure - it doesnt need to go right through and out the other end but it needs to go in enough to give you peace of mind. You may also need to subtract the width of the spacer which slides along the rod but when in use sits at the other end. Depends if the manufacturer has already done one or both of those subtractions what size it will actually be. If its a bit too long thats not a problem as it can stick out the end but the thread needs to go far enough along the rod to clamp your bike properly - you will need to check that if you buy a really long one, and obviously you dont want it sticking out too far and catching on things or just looking silly.

    Its a bit of a minefield. As suggested, I have seen lots of people say tandem skewers are the best for this purpose. The one linked above should be good for it but doesnt look very nice... I know the one I have for my tailfin rack would work, even if you didnt have a tailfin rack yourself. It sticks out a bit at the sides (because thats what the tailfin rack mounts onto) but not too much: ... ase-skewer
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,477 Lives Here
    And do you measure with the lever in the open or closed position?
  • veronese68 wrote:
    And do you measure with the lever in the open or closed position?

    good question.

    it was in my hand at the time, not on the bike, so I'm not sure how much of a difference that would have made.
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