2005 Marin Wildcat Hard tail

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Hi everyone I am new here :D this is my old 2005 Marin Wildcat hard tail.
I purchased this bike back in 2005 when I lived in the UK (Guisborough on edge North Yorks moors)
Had a couple of good years using it a lot in the woods and moors then moved to Brittany in France. Has had some occasional use here but have only recently got back into riding her regularly.

Was thinking of upgrading to a Whyte 901 but this does what I want at the moment and is in really good condition maybe look at something like a Whyte 130 FS bike next year if I do keep riding regularly see if the wife will use this or keep as a backup bike.

Have just replaced the crank set and BB (Deore II), rear sprocket, chain, Jockey wheels, front cones, tyres (Tubeless on front rear sidewalls wouldn't seal) pads, serviced the forks and headset.
I also have new gear cables, shorter stem, grips and wider bars on order.