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Tyre compatibility, 700c for 29er

HantsRobHantsRob Posts: 3
edited September 2017 in MTB buying advice
Good morning

I have 2 road bikes, both of which I love:

Specialized Hardrock 29er 2013
Scott Scale 960 29er 2013

Specs for both: ... sc29/39886 ... _96140.htm

They both come with normal MTB tyres, which are fine. BUT.... my Specialized is so so heavy, and I've been politely advised to look at more of a gravel bike setup, but in essence look at more of a road tyre for when I am not going "proper" off road.

I know the 29er is the same format as a 700c wheel, but I don't know if they are made any differently?

I have been reccommended Schwalbe G-One tyres.

The 700c 35c or 38c are only £26.50 from tredz or merlin cycles. But, to get anything similar in 29er format, they're closer to £45-50!! If they're in essence the same, why so much more?

Also, I'm not sure which of my bikes to "convert". If the 700c 35c or 38c will fit ok, will both size formats fit both bikes? I'm not sure if 1.4" or 1.5" would fit on either tyre, or if I do need a specific 29er format.

So sad that two tyres so similar can be so price different! :(

I do see online that you can run 700c on 29er, but I just don't know what size would go on both bikes listed.

Ooorrrrrr should I just stick with something like the Specialized renegades?: ... 1n79AMeNUA

Any help would be greatly appreciated by this n00b :)


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