Noooo... think my Neo is dead

redvision Posts: 2,958
At the weekend seemed to have trouble keeping ant+ connection, then last night i turned it on, the lights come on for a second then went off and wouldn't come back on.

Tried to use it without mains power but it barely spins and it is now not recognised/seen by any device (ant+ or Bluetooth).

All updates are applied and I have tried troubleshooting tips from tacx, but it just won't turn on or spin.

Raised a ticket with tacx but does anyone know any fix?


  • dyrlac
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    Sorry, sounds fatal (internal power supply fault killing all the electronics in the unit; same thing happened to my Kickr). Best fix is to go to whomever you bought it from, get a refund, and put in an order for the new Wattbike Atom. :)
  • slowmart
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    Yep, return to place of purchase to seek a remedy
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  • redvision
    redvision Posts: 2,958
    Yeah, looks like it's kaputt.
    Dropped it in to my lbs (where I bought it from least a few weeks ago) and whilst I was there they checked various things, including power to the unit, and said they reckon the power unit is f'd. They are contacting the supplier and offered a full refund.

    Have literally only done about 80 miles on it in the few weeks I've had it, so not particularly impressed this has happened.

    Had a similar issue with the kickr I bought last Xmas, although that was much harder to sort a refund, so guess this is an example of why it really does pay sometimes to buy from your lbs rather than saving a few quid online...
  • Mikey23
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    My vortex did this. Had bought it online so difficult to sort out. Invested the refund in a lovely flux from my lbs. if or should i say when it fails it will be quick and simple to sort out...