Rear bike racks and ferry ramps

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Has anyone got experience of Brittany Ferries & managing the ramps with an Atera Strada 3+1 towbar mounted bike rack? Our rack grounds out going up our in-law's drive so am a bit worried about the steep ramps on the ferry. our car is quite low. Has anyone had any problems?


  • I really wouldn't recommend 4 bikes on the towball. It certainly isn't allowed in Germany.
    If you must, then please cable lock through the bike frames to the towbar safety hole (underneath the car). Towballs can break off. You are responsible for a safe load.
    Good Luck with the ramp.
    I recommend the passengers walking for a bit, as that will improve your clearance, and heaviest bike nearest the car.
    Craig from Auxtail
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    Talk to your insurance company too. They can get funny about undeclared tow bars and even undeclared bike racks.
    And stop going to your in laws.
    ...take your pickelf on your holibobs.... :D

    jeez :roll:
  • Ours was fine and very similar to yours. Same bike rack with two kids and two adult bikes, fully loaded car with two adults and two kids (8 and 10) in the back. The car was a Civic Tourer which is very low when all loaded up but has rear suspension setting and putting it on 'dynamic' when having the bike rack on makes a noticeable difference to how firm the back end is. Infact so low the tow bar got damaged recently coming out of a drive where there was a dip between the drive and road (like a 'V') and the bike rack and car bridged the gap. The ferry ramps are slightly unnerving but I just give the other cars space in front and when it's clear take them at my own speed and not have to do a hill start.

    Couple of things I'd add. I think breakdown cover needs to have a bike rack included as an extra. We also went from Hull this year and because of the issue with tow bar getting damaged and not having time to get it checked out we put the bikes on the roof. When I changed the booking it was over £100 cheaper!! No idea why but worth knowing. Maybe Brittany and P&O are different.