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Holdsworth Elan Disc

cubedeancubedean Posts: 670
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Due to a change in circumstances I have taken the opportunity to get myself another road bike. It had to be steel & I didn't particularly want to spend a huge amount of money as it will probably still play 2nd fiddle to the MTB.

Purchase as a PX standard build with a view to upgrade bits over time.

NB: Steerer will be trimmed once I've got the setup comfortable.


Frame: Holdsworth Elan 48cm
Forks: Holdsworth
Bars: Kalloy Uno 42cm
Stem: Kalloy Uno
Headset: FSA Sealed
Bar Tape: Planet X Cork

Groupset: Shimano Sora R3000 (9 sp)

Brakes: Avid BB5 with 160mm rotors

Seat: Prologo Kappa 3
Seat Post: Selcof Zeta
Seat Post Clamp: Selcof Alloy

Pedals: Btwin SPD
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Tiagra

Front Wheel: Gipiemme Roccia Equipe 700c Disc
Tire: Hutchinson Nitro 2 25c

Back Wheel: Gipiemme Roccia Equipe 700c Disc
Tire: Hutchinson Nitro 2 25c

Accessories: Fabric Cageless Water Bottles


  • How does it ride? How heavy, and is the new Sora good?
  • How does it ride? How heavy, and is the new Sora good?

    It rides really well & the new Sora is great, shifts really smooth and precise. Not sure on the weight, as there are no weights online and I don't own any scales :shock:
  • Hi, any updates on your bike, I'm considering purchasing one soon, so just interested how you are getting on with it?

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  • Looks really good - enjoy!!
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    Good stuff!

    Nice bike - I have the exact same bike and I have weighed mine (sad I know) with luggage scales. My bike with 32c and a full brace of lights plus guards came to 12.7kg. I will weigh it next time I clean it without the extra stuff on but I would say that stock without the standard tyres as per your pic then weight will be around 11.5kg (+/- 200g).

    I have just ordered some CX Comp 30c tyres for mine as I plan to take it for a blast around the local trails ,should be fun.

    I have had my bike for about 3 months now. Sorry to barge in on the question asked by Shuttle I would say overall the bike is bang on - Really good value, The wheels are a bit dodgy - They seem to be cheaply built and I was constantly having to tweak the spoke tension - In the end after a rear spoke broke (I only weigh 82kg) I decided to get a new rear wheel (£60 36h trekking wheel) so my advice would be to keep on top of the spoke tension. Even if you have to get a new set of wheels its still a bargain and I really like mine.

    Frame clearance is pretty decent, Without guards you can get 32c with room to spare and with traditional guards you can get 28c. I am just running a seat post mounted rear guard and a crud catcher front allowing me to still run wider tyres.

    Another thing I would suggest is to swap out the brake cabling - I spent £20 on some compression-less Jagwire Ripcord cabling and the difference is night and day! - I am not exaggerating when I say its on par now in terms of both power and modulation compared to my mates Deore Hydro's - With the new cabling I can easily lock up either wheel if I so wished even when fully seated.

    Shimano Sora works brilliantly - Nice crisp shifts and under the bar routing giving the look of much higher end shifting, in fact other than the number of gears I cannot tell the difference between shifts on Sora Vs Ulegra. Whilst on the subject of gearing I swapped out the 12-32 cassette I got on mine to a Miche 11-26 to give less gap between gear ratios but this is a personal thing and I live in a relatively flat area.

  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    I really liked the paint job in the picture above until I had a look at the PX site and saw that the colour rendition wasn't terribly good BUT I still like the paint job as depicted there as well. Nice one.
    mr_eddy wrote:
    ..........With the new cabling I can easily lock up either wheel if I so wished even when fully seated.........

    Eddy - Without wishing to start an argument, I would humbly suggest that the ability to 'easily lock up either wheel' (whether seated or otherwise) is no real measure of good brakes. Indeed, I have always believed that the ability to lock up the wheels too easily could be dangerous on a bike. I could lock the wheels on either of my rim braked bikes (one with 105 5800 callipers and the other with Ulegra 6800) if I really want to but good braking is more about the amount of modulation available between starting to pull on the lever and the wheels locking up. Then again, I'm probably just being a pedant!
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  • cubedean, whats the max tyre size you think the Elan could take?
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